4 Fascinating Facts About Dental Braces

Remember way back in junior high school when every kid with braces was teased relentlessly? Once those braces were off, however, they had the last laugh. Today, braces have come a long way from the traditional silver metal styles. Whether you’ve been told your child needs dental braces, or you’re looking to straighten your own smile, here are four fascinating facts you may not have known about braces.

Adults Get Braces

If you’re an adult wishing that you had corrected your smile as a child, but for whatever reason it wasn’t possible, it’s not too late! Every year thousands of adults get braces and successfully fix those crooked teeth they feel so self-conscious about. Your first step is consulting CO Ortho Arvada to find out which option is right for you.

Removable Braces Exist

Braces can seem like a rock-solid commitment for the amount of time you need to spend wearing them, but there are certain braces that you can actually remove. These transparent braces can be detached for eating, flossing or even special occasions, but you must wear them at least 22-hours per day. These types of braces are best for people that want clear dental correction and have the discipline to wear them as directed.

Braces Come in Colors

One of the biggest surprises for people looking into options for dental braces is that they come in colors! Most people just assume they’re either silver or clear, but those aren’t the only colors available. Most popular with kids, they get to choose from red, green, pink, blue–almost any color of the rainbow. Let them select their favorites, or ask the orthodontist which colors contrast with their personal tooth shade to make teeth look brighter.

You Can Wear Braces Backwards

Did you know that another option for hiding your braces is by wearing them backward? These braces are called lingual braces and they look much like regular ones except they’re applied to the backside of your teeth. They’re perfect for people that prefer not to have their braces showing, but still desire the benefits of traditional braces.

Braces Fit Your Lifestyle

Braces have made many advancements from the one-size-fits-all color and style of yesterday. Today’s options in dental braces are plentiful whether you’re looking for transparent, removable, incognito or flashy and colorful. You’ll find exactly the style that you, or your child, needs to fit your lifestyle and finally get that straight and beautiful smile.

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