The Stages of Alchohol Abuse

Many people enjoy a drink with friends or at dinner. But when alcohol becomes a substitute for problems or is a physical craving, people have a problem. They no longer control their intake or desire. Instead, alcohol controls them. This condition is progressive and could look differently in people. The following are several stages of alcohol abuse.

General Intake

The intent of alcohol is to enjoy a casual drink, relaxing with people or by oneself. General drinking of it may occur. People have complete control of their choices and drink without a frequent schedule or a desire.

Binge Drinking

Many young people could start to develop a problem as they imbibe at youth parties. During these times, teens or young adults may only drink once or twice a week; however, they binge the alcohol, consuming numerous drinks at one time. This excess could lead to problems down the road. It’s possible to associate drinking with fun, making people feel they have to drink on certain occasions.

If youth struggle with pulling away from drinking, you may want to look for 

Moderate Drinking

When drinking picks up as a daily occurrence, it becomes a recurrent pattern. Pay attention to why the person is consuming more often. Is it because of an emotional problem, or is it because they feel like they must have something,

Heavy Drinking

Alcoholics may eventually lose control, taking in multiple drinks every day. Know the facts about alcoholism and assess behavior.  If It becomes a habit that cannot be stopped, it’s essential to seek professional help.

Drinking alcohol doesn’t have to be destructive. It could be a fun way to unwind. However, if the act continues, think about the reasons for the choices and what you can do to minimize the consumption. Seek help if you or your loved one cannot stop.

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