Boost your immunity by going to the dentist

Immune system. It’s one of the big fat words being juggled around lately. Our immunity is the battleground for good health. Staying healthy and arming our body with the necessities to keep us well and healthy is more than just taking your vitamins, eating good food, and exercise.

When we feel good and our immune system maintains that feeling and when come up against viruses (like Covid-19) or bacteria (like streptococcus, that causes strep throat) or just feeling run down, our immune systems wards off possible illnesses and potential diseases.
But maintaining a good immune system can feel overwhelming.

Did you know one of your best lines of defense for your overall health can be your dentist?  Not only can your dentist boost your immune system with regular cleanings and dealing with infections in your mouth, but your dentist can also detect serious diseases in their infancy.

For example, Strep which can cause that razor blade feeling in your throat and a high temperature has a cousin .  Streptococcus Gordonii contributes to the build-up of the plaque that forms and covers the surface of your teeth.   This type of bacteria originating in your mouth can cause blood clots, which can eventually lead to problems in your bloodstream, eventually affecting your heart and possibly leading to being one of the contributing factors of a heart attack. With a simple cleaning at the dentist and brushing and flossing at home, this can be greatly diminished.

Did you know that many serious diseases first show up in your mouth?

In fact, extensive research has shown  95 percent of many systemic diseases, first manifest in the mouth. And can be detected in your mouth before it comes up on other routine tests. Dentists are trained and aware that they are the first line of health for their patients, and many diseases can be caught and handled and often eliminated before they become a serious health issue.

Some of the more common that are found in early detection:

  • Leukemia can be present with bleeding gums, lips, and tongue
  • Oral cancer can take many forms, including a mouth sore that never seems to heal. An unusual white or reddish spot on the inside of your mouth or loose teeth or a lump inside your mouth can all herald oral cancer.
  • Pancreatic cancer can be sores inside your mouth.
  • Diabetes is indicated by bad breath and bleeding gums
  • Osteoporosis can be detected with the bone loss on a routine x-ray.
  • Heart disease and an oncoming heart attack can be foreshadowed by a sore jaw.
  • Kidney disease can be lesions in your mouth and burning sensation, as well as changes in the amount of your saliva.

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