4 Options To Restore Your Broken Tooth

No one would choose to break a tooth, but sometimes it happens. Perhaps you were eating popcorn or maybe you were just biting into a soft sandwich when you felt that awful crunch as the fracture occurred. It might have been a healthy tooth or there could have been some underlying decay that weakened the structure. Whatever the cause, here are four options to restore the function of your tooth with the help of dental services Seattle WA.

  1. Implant

If your tooth fractured below the gum line, then saving it may not be possible. Not to worry — with today’s modern dental advancements, that space in your smile can be replaced with dental implants. Depending on your situation, the implant may be placed during the same appointment as the extraction or there may be a waiting period.

  1. Bridge

Another choice if the tooth can’t be saved is to add a dental bridge to replace the missing tooth. Following extraction, the teeth on one or both sides of the gap will be crowned to support the bridge.

  1. Crown

If your tooth had a large section broken but the roots are still intact, the remaining portion can be saved. A custom-made crown that fits over the top of your tooth can last for many years. A dentist may first give you a temporary crown while the permanent crown is being made and have you return in about two weeks for it to be placed.

  1. Filling

If only a small portion of your tooth is broke, the easiest and least expensive alternative is a composite filling. This tooth-colored material can be placed in a few minutes and typically only takes one appointment.

The most effective treatment for your broken tooth depends on the condition of the remaining tooth; your dentist will share a recommended course of action. As you find the best solution, you will be grateful for modern technology that allows these four options.

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