Are Custom Beauty Products Worth The Hype?

Over the past few years, customized products have become popular. In fact, many people see an appeal to having a product specially made for them. One market that has recently seen an uprise in customization is the beauty industry. Many consumers are beginning to buy customized beauty products over merchandise available in stores. The question is, are these customized products worth the hype?

Custom Hair Care

One of the most popular custom products that has popped up recently is custom hair care. In most cases, customized hair care works by creating a profile on the brand website and filling out a questionnaire. On this quiz, you’ll be asked questions about your hair history, texture, and what goal you hope to achieve through the use of the products. Factors like curl pattern, dye jobs, and oil levels will all help determine your formula. Once you have your set formula, you can choose what size, scent, and color you want your products. Brands like Function of Beauty offer multiple bottle sizes and subscription plans, allowing you to customize how often you get your products.

As for the reviews, they stay fairly consistent. Many Function of Beauty reviews say that the products worked like they promised and delivered results, but they have a high price point. Additionally, people who are sensitive to essential oils have reported that they get skin irritation from some of these products due to the scent. As a whole, these products do what they say on the tin; they help heal your hair and get the results you ask for in your hair quiz.

Custom Makeup and Skincare

The other major aspect of custom beauty products is custom makeup and skincare. Just like with hair care, these brands will have you fill out a quiz with your skin’s texture, moisture level, and desired result. Once you’ve answered the necessary questions, you can choose what type of products you want. Are you looking for a moisturizer or a cleanser? Do you need a foundation that suits your skin type? After you choose your product, you can have it shipped to you directly.

Custom skincare and makeup products have fairly mixed reviews. For some people, these products work where nothing else has. For others, they make their skin worse. While you can experiment with your formula until it works, that can get expensive quickly. Because these products are customized rather than storebought, they tend to be pricier than their mass-produced counterparts. If you want to try out custom makeup or skincare risk-free, many brands offer a free trial to new clients.

Overall Conclusion

Overall, custom products can be a bit hit or miss. While they can be great for people who can’t find long-term solutions for their beauty products, they are too expensive for a majority of consumers. Additionally, they don’t work for everyone. The formulas and solutions used to produce them aren’t for everyone, so don’t be discouraged if they don’t work for you. If you’re interested in trying custom beauty products, look for a free or discounted trial.

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